Revolutionizing real estate.


Pillar Capital is a real estate investment and marketing firm with over 20 years of experience in the latest marketing campaigns, real estate strategies, property and project management, relocation, and housing research. Working with developers, we understand both the needs of our clients and investors. Through our range of expertise and intimate understanding of market environments and trends, Pillar Capital is able to maximize value and outperform competitors. From research to land acquisition, entitlement to architectural review, construction management to marketing, Pillar Capital services the management and execution of those projects while maximizing opportunities for our clients. It is the long-term client relationships that are testaments to Pillar Capital’s portfolio, as well as our results-driven focus and ability to exceed expectation. In short, our tailored experiences increases the bottom line profits for our clients and partners.

Angela Cheung has led Pillar Capital rapidly into the real estate industry by teaming up with some of the most prominent local U.S. developers throughout the country, with a concentration in San Francisco and Boston.  Pillar Capital caters to both a local as well as international clientele and partners, and has most notably represented Millennium Partners (the developers of Millennium Towers in San Francisco and Millennium Place in Boston) and has earned exclusive rights by them to market to a number of major cities in Asia as well as across the United States. 

Pillar Capital offices are located in San Francisco, Boston and Hong Kong.






President - Angela Cheung
Vice President - Jonathan Ng
General Manager - Ivy Lui
Property Manager - Cynthia Molina


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Pillar Capital's President and Founder, Angela Cheung, has over 24 years of experience in real estate, project management, marketing, sales, and property management.  She has led the company into the global marketplace by forming significant partnerships locally and internationally. Her portfolio includes nearly 7% of the Millennium Towers condominium sales in San Francisco (the Millennium Tower is one of the Bay Area's most iconic and prestigious, luxury, high-rises and famed as the tallest residential skyscraper west of the Mississippi, it has also been named one of Worth Magazine's top ten best buildings in the World of 2012). Recently Angela Cheung has sold close to 7% of all units in escrow in the newly built high-rise condominum project, Millennium Tower, in Boston.


Cultivating Value and Growth

Pillar Capital utilizes a hands-on project management approach, with a primary focus on residential, retail and mixed-use projects within the San Francisco Bay Area.  Our mission is inspired by the power of strategic design, sustainability and innovation to provide exceptional outcomes in any given construction project. In each of our developments, regardless of scale or complexity, we're devoted to quality structures that will serve and inspire our communities and clients. Pillar Capital prioritizes working with local authorities, politicians and community organizations in a collaborative approach to create conscientiously designed projects that relate to the context and needs of the neighborhoods, without compromising the needs of our partners and clients. In particular, our residential development strategy incorporates a thorough understanding and appreciation of modern urban living and the need for convenience.  We understand the environmental benefits of high-density construction which embraces and a modern, spacious architectural design. 

Pillar Capital only focuses on investments with dependable returns by evaluating strategies that foster value through design, construction management, branding and repositioning, and other potential property enhancements. Our overall aim is to acquire and create investments with strong inherent value and opportunities which favor long-term growth.


Outperforming the market in sales results.

Pillar Capital sales team has generated dollars for our clients. Developers spend time and money getting qualified leads in the door and should expect a high level of talent from their sales team. At Pillar Capital, our teams have that talent, and deliver the appropriate results.

Outperforming the market by up to 75%. 

Pillar Capital has a broad and deep portfolio of communities that have out performed the market even in challenged situations or amenity offerings. Our goal is to meet and exceed expectation in every engagement through a meticulous understanding of buyer preferences, pricing considerations, floor plan layouts, inventory management and negotiation tactics. Uniquely, our sales teams are full-time.  Please inquire with our staff for more information.  


Company & Methodology

Pillar Capital’s San Francisco-based Property Management division manages over 80+ of our client’s properties in San Francisco Bay Area to Boston, providing full service real estate leasing and assets management with gross rent volumes exceeding $3.5 Million annually.

We understand that with every asset, no matter the location or size, is each an important investment for our clients and should be treated and managed as if our own asset. We strongly believe in a holistic approach to manage, lease and sales of your investment property, best suiting you and your property’s needs. The core values of a successful investment, and its continued success, revolves around protecting and facilitating an environment that allows each asset and investment to flourish and grow.

Keeping your success and our formula in mind, along with a combined 25 years of market expertise and professional diligence, our agents are delivering you the highest possible representation and brand to your tenants and the neighborhoods for which we love., while their real estate assets are cultivated and maintained for the best position to succeed. 

Pillar Capital's premier Property Management and Leasing Services provides clients with full services from marketing, screening, contracts, to day to day management and accounting services.


Target Market Data Mining 
Our buyer-focused strategy digs deeply into the attitudes and needs of tightly-defined consumer segments. Micro-migration patterns, and socioeconomic statistical analysis all come into play when targeting buyers in our new real estate paradigm. We understand the important roles that image, consumer aspiration and branding and positioning play to add profit to new properties. We leverage data mining to better segment and personalize the buying experience for the new homebuyer. Our approach to understanding buyer interests gives us unparalleled insight into key selling points while minimizing marketing costs and effort, and maximizing customer conversion rates. 

Carving Out Competitive Advantages
Pillar Capital expertly evaluates advantages, such as finishes, pricing, location and perceptions relative to the market, as well as potential disadvantages and the steps necessary to overcome them to assess a project's market position compared to its competitors. Pillar Capital can provide the analysis and fresh ideas to position a new project or current property in a cluttered marketing environment with appropriate buyers and media attention.

Clearly Defined Property Branding
Branding a property creates needed differentiation, no matter the scale or scope of the project. Pillar Capital works with clients to develop unique positioning and a strong brand identity that includes project identity in conjunction with various design teams. We work with nationally-recognized marketing firms to determine core strengths and create unique identity for each property that can extend through all communication channels – from the sales office to signage, from advertising to public relations and from social media to websites for maximum sales growth. And because market conditions can change over the marketing period, we consistently validate and refine messaging to resonate with its target prospects.

Unparalleled Sales Intelligence
Pillar Capital is highly regarded in our ability to accurately analyze market and sales trends, performance, pricing and buyer sentiment to formulate action plans with out clients. We highlight our sales knowledge through market intelligence reports which cover major urban markets in San Francisco, Boston, and Hong Kong. 

Build on Grounded Property Logistics
Whether financial and credit markets are challenging or stabilizing, Pillar Capital’s understanding of market drivers allows developers to capitalize on the changing environment. We re-evaluate existing opportunities and develop new strategies to minimize risks and improve return on investment. We are experts at creating developer value through property logistics related to land acquisition, entitlements and BRE consulting.

Buyer-Oriented Product
Our buyer insight and deep market intelligence uniquely qualifies us to consult on architectural and design choices. Whether considering construction materials, interior design finishes, unit size, or unit mix percentages, our choices help stimulate market demand.